Saturday, August 31, 2013

Herbs and Spices

Hi Sweets,

It's been a while hasn't it?  Where has this year gone?  We are coming upon my favorite time of year.  October is probably my favorite month of all!  I bought the first fall scented candles today even though we are having some of the hottest days of the summer!  I just couldn't resist. 

I have had some Basil and Sicilian Oregano drying.  Tonight I got out the mortal and pestle and my recycled jars and created my own Italian spice.  Little did I know how this simple task would relax my spirit and take me to a place of calmness and peace.  This shouldn't be a surprise as working with herbs and things in my kitchen always does.  I've been absent from that for a while and I guess it just felt good to get back to it.  The scent of the herbs as I worked them in the mortar and pestle was intoxicating.  The smell of Basil is just incredible.  I have heard that drying diminishes this but I've never had this experience. The use of the mortal and pestle releases the oils in these plants that give off that wonderful aroma.  It also makes them more flavorful when you use them in your cooking.  Maybe it's just using the mortal and pestle that takes me back to a simpler time.   How rewarding to know where these herbs came from and the love and energy that went into to them.  I will have a little piece of summer every time I use these herbs in my fall cooking.

I think I will try peppermint next as it did very well in the garden this year too.    What a yummy and uplifting tea! 

Do you have any culinary herbs growing in your garden?  Give drying them a try and create your own spices or tea blends. 

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